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They lock the employees in the toilet and place a bomb which destroys the offices. What follows is an obvious observation, but it may not be trivial, because it may not have been expressed this way before. 17 Genoa: An Ansaldo manager assailed by seven bullets, claimed by Red Brigades. 6 Varese: Molotovs set fire to Alfa Romeo showroom. La nostra bacheca Lei cerca lui offre migliaia di annunci per ogni citt italiana Pianeta escort propone annunci escort, accompagnatrici, accompagnatori, gay, trans, escorts, Italia ed Estero Posts Tagged single annunci Agenzia. Heroin is the most beautiful of the false consumer products that capital has invented to mystify the reality of proletarian needs. 15 Florence: Prison doctor of the Murate escapes unhurt when his car explodes on turning the ignition key. Now that the need for an armed attack against capital and the State has become widely accepted amongst comrades, it is time to work to extend the qualitative aspect that is spreading today using methods including sabotage against the structures of capital. Cars and buses are used as barricades. They re-emerge in 1973 and give life to the movement of imprisoned militants. Vittore: A comrade is put in solitary confinement and other inmates of his wing call for his release. We have often published the documents of the armed struggle organisations that are operating in our country.

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February 6 Rome: Gruppo guerriglieri Maria Cagol carry out a series of attacks including the destruction of a car belonging to a notorious fascist. 24 Cagliari: The car belonging to a warder at Buoncammino prison is destroyed by fire. 29 Milan: An armed nucleus breaks into the depot of a door-to-door cosmetics firm. 14 Venice: TNT against two Christian Democrat party offices, and pistol shots against the home of a Christian Democrat provincial councillor, claimed by Proletari comunisti organizzati. 17 Milan: Police attack a demonstration against fares increases. A proposed demonstration to the German consulate is averted by all the forces of power in the city. The armed strength of the proletariat in struggle is the only practical instrument of liberation from capitalist dominion. 19 Milan: 12 furs are stolen from the cloakroom of a private club. 30 Rome: Walter Rossi, a Lotta Continua militant, is killed by fascists while giving out leaflets condemning the shooting of Elena Paccinelli by four fascists the previous Thursday. November 3 Genoa: Red Brigades burn cars belonging to two prison guards noted for beating up prisoners.

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a noi. Now however things have changed, and the time has come to raise our voices loud and strong, so that even the deaf can hear us and those who pretend to be deaf see themselves shown up in front. May 4 Bologna: In a shoot-out with police following a robbery, 21-year-old revolutionary militant Roberto Rigobello is killed by machine gun fire. A petrol pump attend ant at a nearby filling station was also wounded. 26 Bergamo: Violent clashes outside the Town Hall which is then devastated and burned. 4 Turin: Bomb attack at the home of Manni, lawyer and president of the Law Society. 25 Nuoro: A prisoner escapes from the penal colony Mamone. Available for Incall Outcall escort service. The first organisations to become a point of reference for clandestine struggle are born. Two comrades are seriously wounded. In Pomigliano the workers of Alfa Romeo and Aeritalia block the motorway.

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April 28 Turin: A Red Brigades cell kill lawyer Fulvio Croce, president of Turin Law Society. Vittore refuse to return to their cells after the exercise period. 21 Turin: Red Brigades attack police station with molotovs and pistol shots. This is because the distance, without doubt present and significant, could only have been put down on paper, therefore resulted in sesso migliore tecniche per fare sesso a banal ideological question. 1976 March 5 Naples: Poggioreale prison: 9 prisoners, all belonging to the NAP, attempt to escape. The movement must go forward to shatter the reformist equilibri. 17 Turin: Student Bruno Cecchetti is killed by machine gun fire by a carabinieri squadron as he is walking home. He was found dead from exposure in his home-the street. February 2 Rome: A protest march against the killing of comrade Bellachioma by a fascist is attacked by machine gun fire. The analyses put forward by these comrades is therefore their actions themselves, and their behaviour has put many organisational structures in cri sis. At Menarini wounded in various parts of the body. Actions claimed by Squadre proletariat combattenti. Build the power of the armed proletariat. 26 Florence: A proletarian combatent cell break into and damage electricity showroom. A whole wing is devastated. How did Trump win so much support despite disadvantages that would have disqualified any previous candidate? 24 Rome: Bomb against the offices of the Ministry of Justice. Be sides, it seems to me that such arguments distort the problem by qualifying armed struggle with the adjective clandestine in a way cercasi ninfomane il video di sesso that seems inevitable, negative and degenerating. May 1 Rome: A march organised by Autonomia Operaia is attacked by the police. It is instinctive for anyone who is subjected to a system of exploitation that tries to bend them to its will to defend themselves, and in fact everyone is trying to do so in one way or another. We, who consider ourselves conscious revolutionaries, cannot limit ourselves to this. 21 Trento: On the walls 10, 100, 1,000 Schleyers; Barricades in Milan against the police; molotovs in Vicenza against German car dealer. 24 Genoa: Protest in the Marassi prison, where prisoners refuse to go back into their cells after the exercise period.

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Five prisoners destroy the visiting room and distribute leaflets to prisoners. 1977 January 6 Rome: At midnight ten incendiary bombs are thrown into the car park of the Ministry for Home Affairs. But this, it seems to me, cannot be reduced to referring to a glorious historical past that we want to contribute. The exploited are beginning to point out this necessity in a series of anti-institutional actions that are con tinually spreading. For example, the difficulty which appears through the repetition of the obvious but useless ideological distinction based on the classic argument: the Red Brigades are Marxist-Leninist and we are anarchists, therefore there exist insurmountable differences between. It is one thing for a workers nucleus to decide upon the punishment of a foreman, a fascist or the sabotage of a plant, and entrust the execution of this to a restricted number of comrades (for obvious reasons of security, efficiency, etc.). 20 Turin: Red Brigades attack barracks with gunshots and explode bomb at gates. 27 Turin: A revolt holds out for three hours in the juvenile prison Ferranti Aporti. 24 Milan: a 39 year old woman from Calabria married to an unem ployed immigrant worker, dies of malnutrition. 3 Florence: Reparti comunisti di combattimento claim three actions against local Christian Democrats, all bomb attacks against premises.